15 hours in Geneva

Having driven past Geneva on way to the ski resort for may years we decided this year to go and have a look at the city itself.  Our 15 hours included a sleep.  Here’s what we found:

We loosely followed this walking tour.  The jet d’eau impressed and the walk around the English Garden to find the flower clock pleased us all.  We wandered a little further, admired some old buildings and the start of the River Rhone, then plunged into the Parc des Bastions.  It’s fair to say that by this point the children were in need of entertainment.  And we found it!  In the form of numerous over-sized chess boards and pieces.  The next 45 minutes were our most enjoyable in Geneva, passed in pursuit of check mate (and then a review of play options to enable the other player to win.)  The sun shone and we rather reluctantly tore ourselves from further games, had a quick look at the huge Mur des Reformateurs, wandered back into the old town, then went for a quick lunch before leaving for the ski resort.

We are glad we visited Geneva, but, my word, it’s expensive!  We stayed in a simple hotel in the old town, where we were luckily upgraded to a wonderful two bed apartment.  The location was fabulous and for our purposes it was perfect.  We ate simply – pizzas and sandwiches.  We’re still waiting for the credit card bill, but our estimates are for a total cost of about £450.


About indiechildcare

I am a mum of two - girl age 8, boy age 6. Following the birth of our daughter we found a lovely nanny and I went back to working in London (marketing agencies, customer insight, data planning type work). Sarah stayed with us for nearly 5 years, and, according to my children, a skiing holiday is incomplete if Sarah doesn't come with us! Sadly for us Sarah decided to move back to her native North East and we had to find a new nanny. Three months and two nannies later the children were a mess. I gave up the daily commute and finally set up a nanny agency, with the aim of helping other families benefit from our experiences - positive and negative. Now I split my time between meeting families and nannies and looking after my own children. I hope to share in this blog more of my experiences, this time relating to the fun you can get up to with children, be it at home, on trips out or on holiday.
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