Moshi Monsters in Bradford

Moshi Monsters are at the National Media Museum in Bradford this half term.  And it seems everyone knows.

We visited today.  The museum looks like it would ordinarily by very interesting and would hold the children’s attention for a few hours.

The Moshi Monsters activities sounded (on the Internet) like they would be great fun.

In reality, today the museum was a victim of its own success.  We arrived late morning.  Some of the activities were already fully booked for the day; others had 40 minute queues.  Normal exhibits were just too busy to enjoy (even compared to the Natural History Museum in London on a Sunday).  We left at midday with the intention of returning to see some of the photography galleries.  The queue to get in was then huge.

So we abandonned our plans and went bowling.  Options for lunch near the museum seemed limited, though we found a Starbucks by a pleasant enough square full of fountains.  I have a feeling (or at least an inexplicable hope) that Bradford has more to offer, but sadly we didn’t find it today.

I suspect the museum and the Moshi Monsters activities are very good.  But you need to plan your day in detail in advance and get there at opening time – 10am.


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I am a mum of two - girl age 8, boy age 6. Following the birth of our daughter we found a lovely nanny and I went back to working in London (marketing agencies, customer insight, data planning type work). Sarah stayed with us for nearly 5 years, and, according to my children, a skiing holiday is incomplete if Sarah doesn't come with us! Sadly for us Sarah decided to move back to her native North East and we had to find a new nanny. Three months and two nannies later the children were a mess. I gave up the daily commute and finally set up a nanny agency, with the aim of helping other families benefit from our experiences - positive and negative. Now I split my time between meeting families and nannies and looking after my own children. I hope to share in this blog more of my experiences, this time relating to the fun you can get up to with children, be it at home, on trips out or on holiday.
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